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Your quest for a happy, friendly, well behaved family pet starts here!

You know your dog is capable of amazing things, right?


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You know that in order to improve your dog's behaviour, you need to do some training,

But it's hard to know where to start when...

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  • You get conflicting advice: From everyone!
  • You feel overwhelmed: You don't know where the heck you're suppose to start.
  • You've already tried: You've tried different things from the TV, internet and friends, yet none of it seems to work.
  • The behavioral issues are starting to effect everyone in the house: Everyone is feeling stressed and walking the dog sometimes feels like a chore.
  • The dog is causing arguements: You had pictured lovely family walks, and instead you're having more family argements.
  • You are on a budget: Money doesn't grow on trees and the private dog training can be expensive.


A world where you can confidently train and care for your dog.

Instant access to valuable resources.

The Canine Vault Toolbox Subscription is your golden ticket to unlock a world of endless possibilities.


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Your Dog Toolbox

For manners, recall, lead walking, trickx, skills and much more...

When you have access to the Canine Vault Toolbox, you'll never have to navigate the challenges of dog ownership alone. You'll have access to a wealth of invaluable training and support WHENEVER you need it

What Exactly Is The Canine Vault?

  • It's your affordable dog toolbox, where Lyndsay (Dog Trainier & Pet Psychology Practioner) will support you through everything from puppy care, jumping up, to recall, lead walking and more.
  • Your canine toolbox contains a unique selection of easy-to-access mini vaults on all the dog topics you need to know.
  • These mini vaults contain practical and realistic dog training, behaviour and health information.
  • Unlike a course where you have to follow a set lesson order, The Canine Vault is designed so you can easily dip in and out whenever you need. It fits around your busy life.
  • You get access to a private clients-only Facebook group where Lyndsay will answer all of your questions and support you.
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The Health Vault

  • Nutrition: Learn what to look out for when feeding your puppy.
  • Vet Visits: How to make them successful.
  • Insurance: Do you need it?
  • and more
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The Recall Vault

  • Your Recall Cue: Learn how to choose the right cue.
  • Lazy Recall Exercises: That get results.
  • Super Charged Recalls: Enjoy a dog who listens to you, even around distractions.
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The Lead Walking Vault

  • Easy Exercises: Soon you'll have a dog who walks WITH you, instead of AGAINST you.
  • Hello Attention: When you have this, you have the keys to more enjoyable lead walks.
  • Stop The Barking: Learn how to handle your dog around other on lead dogs.
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The Tricks Vault

  • Snazzy Tricks: To impress your friends and family.
  • Useful Tricks: Learn tricks that have the bonus of improving behaviour.
  • Your bond: Learn how to teach tricks so that the relationship with your dog skyrockets.
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The Foundation Vault

  • Foundation Skills: Master foundational commands every dog should know.
  • What to teach first: When you know where to start, everything becomes easier.
  • Lyndsay's Important Cue: Discover the first cue that Lyndsay teaches all new dogs in her home.
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The Play Vault

  • Good Play: Discover the secrets to good play with your dog.
  • Train With Play: Discover how you can improve behaviour through play.
  • New Play Ideas: Discover new ways to play that you never knew before and your dog will love.
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The Skills Vault

  • Improve Your Handling Skills: Improve your own skills to make you the best dog handler you can be.
  • Gain Pro Insights: Get the most out of your dog by learning how they think and feel while improving the bond with your dog.
  • Theory & Practical: Discover both the theory of why your dog does what they do AND exercises to improve your communication.
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The Puppy Vault

  • Basic Skills: Master foundational commands every pup should know.
  • Advanced Skills: Unlock new levels of communication and obedience.
  • Puppy Behaviour: Learn how to improve puppy biting, crying at night and more.
  • Potty Training: Discover how to potty train like a pro.

The Dog Training Toolbox You Need Today

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Hi! I’m Lyndsay.

Over the years, I’ve gone from overwhelmed new puppy owner, to a Pro Dog Trainer and Qualified Pet Psychologist.

So you’re in safe hands. I've made it my mission to help as many dog owners as possible with realistic dog training.

I’ve been where you are now and discovered all the secrets of raising a happy, healthy dog, right the way through from puppy, to adolescence and beyond.

I'm excited to share this dog training toolbox with you!

Lyndsay x

Inside...You Will Find Out How You Can:

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  • Have A Harmonious Household: No more tension-filled moments of your dog misbehaving and causing family arguments. Home is now calm and peaceful.
  • Have Quality Time, Not Training Time: Your free moments are spent enjoying fun and loving interactions with your dog, rather than telling them off.
  • Impress Your Friends and Neighbours: Take your dog out for walks or to social events without anxiety. Your dog behaves knows how to behave in public.
  • Build A Lifetime Bond: With easy, fun training you and your dog will understand each other better. For a lifetime partnership built on trust and mutual respect.
  • Save Financially: Say goodbye to the costly prospect of professional dog trainers or behaviourists. You've effectively become your dog's teacher.
  • Become More Confident: No more searching through conflicting advice. Here all advice is qualified, kind AND effective.
  • Say Bye-Bye To Frustration: When you start to see how quick progress can be, you'll feel more relaxed, confident and in control.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is The Canine Vault Toolbox suitable for all dog breeds?

Yes, all dogs regardless of breed need to be understood and trained. The common traits of different breeds are taken into account inside the Canine Vault so you are in safe hands.

How long do I have access for?

For as long as you want! We've made signing up for the toolbox super affordable for all budgets.

Can I access this on multiple devices?

Absolutely. The Canine Vault can be accessed from PC, tablet and mobile.

What’s the time commitment?

We've got you covered. You can dip in and out of the Canine Vault Toolbox whenever you need! It's designed to fit around your life and be super easy to access.

Will I get access to personal support when I need it?

Yes! You'll get access to Lyndsay's client only Facebook group where you can post your questions for Lyndsay and even post videos for her to give you the help you need.

Are there any prerequisites or materials I need before starting the jumping in?

Nope, you and your dog don’t need anything special to join.

Is this toolbox suitable for dogs of all ages?

The Canine Vault is suitable for puppies, adolescents AND adult dogs.

Step into a whole new way of dog training.

  • Surfing the internet wastes your time.
  • Books can be boring and outdated.
  • Courses take effort and motivation.
  • Instead....A vault style toolbox means have all the information you there ready for WHENEVER you wish to dip in and out of it.
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Lyndsay’s lessons are so easy to follow that anyone who is a complete dog training novice or has wilful, unruly dogs will get amazing results.

Clear and easy-to-understand instructions for the owner and the dogs.


Multi-dog Mum

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I'm just so excited after watching some of the Canine Vault videos.

Cody has learned a new trick with a 19/20 success rate.

Lyndsay enthuses me with passion for doing more with my dogs so we all have a more enriching life.


Devoted Dog Owner

Image of yellow testimonial speech marks for the online dog training membership

I'm going to be honest - I didn't think I would learn much as I've had many dogs before.

I've learned so much from Lyndsay.

She explains things in such a way that even and old guy like me can understand.


Rescue Labrador Dad

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