The Kong Feeding Handbook

Everything you need to know to feed KONGS like a pro
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Looking for the ultimate guide to feeding your beloved KONG toy? Or KONG filler ideas?  

Look no further than The KONG Feeding Handbook!  

So many dog owners aren't using KONGS to their full potential.

They are missing out on the magic of this fabulous dog toy and their dogs are often missing out on some boredom-busting canine enrichment.  

This comprehensive eBook is jam-packed with everything you need to know about KONG feeding and more. From choosing the right size KONG for your pup, to selecting the perfect healthy filling, so that you can use the KONG every day without worrying about excess treats.
With The KONG Feeding Handbook, you'll learn all the tips and tricks to keep your furry friend engaged and entertained during mealtimes.

Here are just a few of the topics covered in The KONG Feeding Handbook:  
  • The benefits of KONG feeding for your dog's physical and mental health 
  • How to choose the right size and shape KONG for your pup 
  • How to introduce the KONG so your dog will LOVE it 
  • Ideas for KONG fillings that are healthy and delicious 
  • Techniques for stuffing your KONG to keep your dog engaged and entertained 
  • Alternatives to the KONG - for flat-faced breeds

Don't wait – sign up for your copy of The KONG Feeding Handbook today and start feeding your furry friend like a pro!

Find out the KONG filler ideas and alternatives used by dog trainers. 

This eBook will help you to feed KONGs in the right way and give you a list of new food ideas to try with your dog.

"I never realised I could use the KONG in this way before now".