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Dog Training & Behaviour

  • Qualified Pet Psychologist & Reward-Based Dog Trainer.
  • Puppy Training & Behaviour Specialist.
  • Private 1-2-1 dog training.
  • Group puppy training classes.
  • Online dog training.
  • Dog food sensitivity testing.

Transform Your Dog’s Behaviour with Fun, Effective Training in the Isle of Man

Hello and welcome! This is where we turn dog training into a fun and rewarding experience. Based in the beautiful Isle of Man, we specialise in helping dog owners of all levels, from first-time puppy parents to seasoned owners.

Our range of services includes fun and interactive puppy classes, personalised private behaviour training, effective recall training, and even online options that fit into your busy schedule.

With nearly a decade of experience and a focus on positive reinforcement, we're ready to help you transform your dog’s behaviour...and your life.


  • Private puppy behaviour training
  • Puppy classes - Douglas and Onchan (IOM)
  • Puppy settle-ins
  • Rescue dog settle-ins
  • Dog recall training
  • Reactivity towards other dogs
  • Stealing food/counter surfing
  • Jumping up and other excitement behaviours
  • Lead walking training
  • Dog separation issues
  • Resource guarding
  • Fussy eaters
  • Barking behaviours
  • Teaching calmness and relaxation
  • Car manners
  • Basic canine behaviour training
  • Advanced canine behaviour training
  • And more...

Hi, I'm Lyndsay!

I'm a Dog Trainer, Pet Psychologist, Puppy Behaviour Specialist, NLP Practitioner, Wife, Mother, Canine foster home.

I live in the beautiful Isle of Man with my family and two dogs, Patch & Soxx.

Training your dog should be FUN - not boring!

Dog Services:

Image of a black and white cartoon border collie logo for iom puppy and dog training classes

Here you will get the essential knowledge you need as a dog owner.

Fully qualified and insured dog trainers.


Conveniently held in Douglas/Onchan on Saturdays.

Find out more about Dog Training Classes.


Image of a cartoon border collie dog for private isle of man dog training and behaviour sessions

Our private consultations are designed around the individual client and dog.

Consultations are available in-person or remotely via video call.

Suitable for all ages.

Please view our private puppy and dog training packages.

Image of a cartoon border collie dog logo for online dog training

With online dog training, there is no delay in getting started.

Online options can be used separately or in conjunction with private training and classes.

Access to the material is instant.

Choose your Online Dog Training option.

Itching and digestive issues affect a dog's behaviour & happiness.

Dogs deserve to be happy and free from food and environmental itchiness.

We partner with an award-winning laboratory to test your dog for intolerances/ sensitivities.


Where are your dog training classes held?

All dog training in Douglas classes are held at Comfy K9 Doggy Daycare and Sunny Acres Field in Onchan, Isle of Man. You can find out more about our puppy classes here.

My dog isn't interested in treats. Can you still train them?

Yes, with reward-based training we will work with and use what is appealing to your dog. This can be treats, toys, praise, fuss or some other special techniques.

Do you have any specialist areas?

Yes, I am a puppy behaviour and adolescent specialist, having undergone extra training with the School of Canine Science, the IMDT, Canine Principles, Empowered Dog, Ace Connections, Puppy Culture and other canine learning centres.

My breed specialties are Border Collies, Beagles, Dalmatians, Spaniels and other Gundogs.

Who do you work with?

I work with novice to experienced dog owners in the Isle of Man, who are open to learning new things and improving life with their dog using reward-based methods.

Is there any cases you won't work with?


1. I do not work with human aggression cases.

What is your ethos?

Dog training should be realisitic and enjoyable - for both you AND your dog.

I'm kind but direct in my approach.

I believe in training for real life, without the extremes of either, fluffy training OR outdated military-style dog training.

I can't make your Isle of Man dog training class or afford private dog training, do you have any other options?

Yes, I highly recommend signing up for my online Canine Vault dog training resource.

Inside you receive a library of exclusive videos and other expert resources for 24/7 backup and support. It's designed similarly to Netflix to make it easy to dip in and out of, whenever you need. You also receive exclusive access to a private Facebook community. It's designed to assist new owners, through to experienced owners.


"This dog training changed my daily life.

I was so stressed and overwhelmed by my puppy's behaviour before her help.

Lyndsay went through everything I needed to know and my puppy went from being a crazy, biting landshark, to a calm and confident dog.

Life changing!"

~ Laura - 1 yr old Spaniel mum

Isle of Man

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